Sexy Bookmarks WordPress Plugin Shareaholic Review

By just creating a website and sitting in a dark room, you cannot expect traffic. You need to promote your content so that people can come to your webpage and share it if they find the information useful. Let’s say you created a website and also promoted the content. Luckily, you got 500 visitors on the first day and about 250 of them want to share your content. But the problem is how can they share it? This is where social bookmarking plugins come into the scene. Shareaholic is a very sexy bookmarks plugin for WordPress platform. The best thing is it is highly customizable. Let’s dig a little deeper into how this great plugin can change the performance of your website.

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Easy To Setup

You can install Shareaholic from plugin store and get going within minutes. The panel that it presents with is much simple to understand. All the webmasters have to do is tick on the check boxes for setting up the preferences.

Sexy Bookmarks Plugin Shareaholic Related Content Settings

Shareaholic Related Content Settings

Shareaholic Share Settings

Shareaholic Share Settings

Fully Customizable

On paper as well as in reality, Shareaholic gives you full control over everything. Webmasters can setup where to show up the share buttons as well what to share when the readers click on them. You can even edit the content format. This plugin is really powerful because it also includes the share buttons on pages, categories and images.

Related Content

This is a relatively new experiment that the developer team has done. By using this feature, you can present the readers with some useful related stuff. Of course it does not relate to context here but we can assume that Shareaholic wants to expand now. The people who made this sexy bookmarks plugin now want to earn money and the best way to do that is by displaying advertisement, which I am going to discuss in the next section.


By default, this feature remains disabled. To enjoy it, you will need to verify your website by creating a free account at Shareaholic’s website. The process of verification is quite easy to follow, especially for WordPress users (considering this service is also available to other platforms). However, the developers are still figuring out the best way to implement advertisements and this whole monetization thing is in a kind of beta stage. But it is worth a try. The greatest thing is that the experience of the users does not get degraded by using this plugin.

Monetization Settings Of Sexy Bookmarks Plugin Shareaholic

Monetization Settings


This is by far the best feature of this plugin. It allows you to track how much user engagement your content is getting. After paring the website, the data takes a minimum of 24 hours to get compiled. So, you can start analyzing the analytics from the second day of installing the plugin.

So, that was it for this article. You can download the plugin from here. Keep visiting for more informative content.

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